Oscar Fonti


AQUAPARK    1988

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Description of the project.


Pipes in coloured anodized alluminium from 3 to 7 cms. Ø  in different lengthes, cut and fastened together on different levels.

If the wind blows they make a pleasant combination of sounds.

Or one could even install a pre-arranged piece of music. Personally I asked the composer Sergio Rendine to write a piece of music for this project.

Some of fue pipes are fixed to the structures of the slipway, others come out from fue ground, some more support the roofs and coverings of different standard creating pathways into the sculpture that join the body of the main slipway to the other structure of the whole, to the fountains, to the surrounding green.

Either fue destination (which depends on the use that one wants to make) , than fue forms of the "coloured structure" have to be adjusted to the morphology of the soil where it has to be installed.

However, before any decision a preliminary study is required.